On January 17, we had the pleasure of receiving a pleasant visit to our facilities from Mrs. Inmaculada Marco Ginestar, General Director of the Industry and agri-food chain of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, accompanied by José Juan Morant, deputy director of the Directorate, Pepe Moratal, head of service and Alicia Juan, head of section of the Ministry. The reason for this meeting was to share the knowledge of both parties of a raw material as important and present in our land as carob flour, and which is necessary and urgent to highlight.

Carob flour has multiple beneficial properties for human consumption. The fat content is very low, something that makes it valuable for those consumers who look at these values ​​in similar products such as cocoa, since carob, on numerous occasions, is used as a substitute for cocoa.
It also contains soluble fiber, beneficial for the growth of microbiota, reducing blood cholesterol levels and regulating intestinal function.
On the other hand, it is a source of iron and antioxidants, the latter with polyphenols that help reduce oxidative damage and keep cells healthy.
Finally, we should also mention that it is a 100% gluten-free flour, which makes it suitable for consumption by the celiac population, with all the dietary advantages that it implies for them.

For our part, we were also able to exhibit and taste the products that we have already developed with carob flour, such as Mediterranean Bread, and newly created products, such as muffins and sponge cakes.

In short, a very interesting day in which we were able to lay the foundations for future projects to give the strength that this product deserves.