On May 16, the FOOD4FUTURE Fair started at the Bilbao Exhibitor Center, an event where various companies from different sectors met to present and publicize new trends in terms of food, always with a sustainability basis. , local consumption and reduction of food waste.

According to FOOD4FUTURE, the population will have increased to 9.7 billion in 2050. A figure that also increases concerns about obtaining food sources for the entire world, the increase in disease and obesity, and the availability of protein sources. Covering all this in a climate of sustainability is, to say the least, a challenge to be taken into account.

That is why, at this event, we were able to enjoy great innovations, both at the food level and at the technological level. Recycling food waste to create new products, 3D food printing, increasingly sustainable manufacturing processes… these are some of the facts that we will see more and more in our day to day and that we learned about for the first time during our presence at said fair.

On behalf of Indespan, thanks to the collaboration of the BLENDHUB company, we were able to take part in this acclaimed event. Thanks to them, we were able to present our latest novelty and which, we believe, is on par with what is demanded by the market and in the increasingly urgent needs of consumers: a bread with a high protein content (28%). , in fiber and in omega 3.

Our product is very well worked, not only worrying about the technical part, in terms of high nutritional levels and that make it optimal for those people who need to include a high level of protein in their diet (athletes, KETO diets, diabetics…) . We also care that the flavor and texture are suitable for the consumer’s palate, taking care of every bit of it. The “feedback” received by the visitors to our stand and who were able to taste the product in situ, as well as those who attended the lunch held at the fair with the presence of important businessmen and authorities and who were able to taste our bread to accompany main dishes, It was more than positive, thus motivating us to continue innovating and achieving better results.

In short, an enriching experience at both levels, both at the consumer level and at the level of a food-producing company that will have a lot to say in a future that is increasingly present in our lives.