In our desire to innovate and to help in the new concerns in the field of health of the final consumer, we have developed an interesting powder mix for the preparation of different bakery and pastry products with a high content of vegetable proteins and dietary fibers.

 Being this mix suitable for people of different ranges: athletes with specific dietary needs, older people, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, people with diabetes or simply people who want to maintain their weight and eat healthy.

The products obtained with our mix are an excellent source of:

Plant-based proteins that help generate collagen and red corpuscles, increase muscle mass and are a source of energy for those who do low-carbohydrate diets, KETO diets and vegan diets.

Dietetic fibers that help to control cholesterol levels and regulate intestinal transit.

Very low content of Carbohydrates, being in addition to low assimilation, which help prediabetic or diabetic people.

Polyunsaturated fats rich in OMEGA 3 fatty acids necessary for the functioning of vital organs and increase good HDL cholesterol.


In addition, their rich flavor and texture make them suitable products for all types of customers who simply want to follow a correct and health-conscious lifestyle, in order to have a quality nutrients diet.

Some of the products that can be produced, thus having a wide variety of products, are: bread, hamburger buns, sandwich bread, wraps, pizzas, cookies, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, croissants, dumplings…

In short, a very differential and functional product with which to expand the range of clients and the product portfolio in a novel way and up to date with market trends.