Investigación y desarrollo panadero
  • Bakery 85% 85%
  • Pastry 70% 70%
  • Catering 60% 60%
  • Others 45% 45%

Since it foundation in 1993, INDESPAN (acronym in Spanish for Investigación y Desarrollo Panadero which means Research and Development for Baking Industry) is characterized by being a pioneer company in innovation and constant search for professional solutions, both at industrial and handmade level.

We work every day at the service of bread – making, cake – making and catering industry professionals with the clear objective of making their job easier, offering them ingredients and high quality goods for their final products.

We develop high quality innovative products, according to the modern industrial methods and today’s needs but keeping the essence of traditional tastes, flavors and textures. We are willing to fulfill the new expectations of costumers, combining modernity and tradition in our developments.

We have a modern R & D laboratory and fully equipped production facilities.  Our qualified staff of food technologists is completely involved with our philosophy of continuous innovation and customer service attitude.

Nowadays, we are proud of our carefully developed catalogue of products, focused on satisfying today’s market trends, having received recognition at the various fairs and congresses in the sector that it attends.



Team Building

Our team is committed to the business project, having a great communication between all the members which it facilities agility when we work.


We work continuously to offer a wide range of products which can satisfy any needs that the customer may ask us.


We´re at the service of th customer 24 hours, 7 days at week, with absolute geographic mobility to solve any doubt or any problem that may appear.


Our wide knowledge in R & D added to our great technical and professional team makes innovation our “daily bread”



Family tradition and our love for the sector make us more than a job. It´s our hobby for which we deliver to make it perfect


We want our customers to obtain the best products. That is why we always try to achieve the highest quality for our elaborations.



Our mission is make easier the work to our customers, adapting to their needs, innovating without losing the essence of the origin.



Being a recognized business in our sector both nationally and internationally for our innovation.  Being the trusted partner of our customers.

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Holidays 2021

Holidays 2021

Due to the summer holidays, Indespan is going to be closed from Monday, August 9 to Friday, August 20, both inclusive.During this holiday period, however, you can consult any questions or queries and place orders through our email: info@indespan.comWe will...

Gluten Free World

Gluten Free World

Entering the gluten-free world is complicated as well as interesting. At Indespan, we have spent so many years investigating and improving the manufacture of products suitable for this expanding public who consumes food which is free of this protein...

National Celiac Day

National Celiac Day

In Spain, the National Celiac Day is celebrated on May 27, a date that FACE, the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain has marked on the calendar to give awareness and support to people with celiac disease to normalize their life.According to FACE,...

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