Indespan is characterized by being an innovative company, which adjusts to the needs of its customers regarding the development of new products.

In addition to offering these services, in Indespan we design courses for companies or professionals in order to solve any doubt or problem that may arise during the production process. In this way, the customer can feel supported and knowing that can count on our help at any time.

Our team of professors is formed by Graduates in Food Technology and expert international bakers from different European countries and Latin America, who have extensive experience in the sector and in our products.

We have an experimental bakery in which we can perform the necessary tests in the presence of the customer to teach the elaboration process and solve technical issues. We can also move to the customer’s facilities, where we can work with their machinery and production staff.

During this week, we have given training in different companies in several Latin American countries, training the employees who have needed it.